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Easter Break

Using The Break To Your Advantage

As we break up for the end of term, it’s time for a couple of weeks without certain stresses – but with a focus on exams! If you’re not heading off on holiday then this fortnight is perfect for settling down and preparing for end of year exams. Here are a few useful ways to get ahead but also get recharged this Easter.

Study smart 

Sounds obvious but studying hard does not necessarily mean studying efficiently. Schedule your study days carefully to avoid burnout and time them properly to ensure you have other things to enjoy during the day.

Staying motivated can be the most difficult part of having an effective routine. So, why not try and do something a little different? Try a study group at the Grimsby Institute or round up some friends for a comprehensive catch-up of the academic year to date.

Create a proper space

Before you get into the zone, it’s also useful to ensure that the space you use gives you the best possible study environment to focus and work effectively. A few options for this include:

  • Diminish distractions – This works differently for different people. Test out a few potential locations, see how music affects concentration and so on.
  • Have a dedicated area at home – Once you’ve found a spot, make sure it’s got some natural light, a desk lamp for focus, a clear space and all the tools you need to get down to business.
  • Go out – Why not try heading to a different place like the library or a coffee shop just for a change of scenery from time to time?


It’s imperative that during this time you need to have a spell away from your computer or workbooks, to clear your mind. This can be anything from turning your phone off to reading a book to heading out with friends or family for the day. By doing this, you can schedule time to study and also have a period to relax and unwind – it is allowed during half-term.

Be ready for the return

Finally, make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running as we head into the key period of study. For this you can create a plan for the rest of the academic year, have notes ready to work with in the future, have clear pads to get focused at this stage and, of course, be well rested when coming back in.

Have a great half-term!