Transport to the Grimsby Institute

At the Institute, we believe that it is important that you enjoy your further education and don’t have to worry about the ever-changing cost of transport. This is where our incredible *FREE daily bus and our money-saving transport bursary scheme can help you. Anyone aged 16-19 who is studying for a Further Education course at Grimsby Institute is eligible to use our transport service.

Please be at pick-up point 5 minutes before the time stated.

Student I.D. must be shown.


Alford Service

Calling at:

  • Swaby (Convenient place on the A16 (can be arranged))
  • Ulceby Cross (Petrol Station)
  • Alford (West Street & Tothby Lane corner, West Street & Chapel Street corner, East Street (opposite Spendluffe Avenue))
  • Bilsby (Opposite the Three Tuns Pub)
  • Mumby (Long Lane & Mumby Road Junction A52)
  • Huttoft (Main Road through village (village hall))
  • Sutton on Sea (St Clements Church Bus Stop, Bus shelter near Spar shop, Trusthorpe Road (Park Road bus station) Bus shelter on Sutton Road (Opposite Sutton Springs Caravan Park))
  • Mablethorpe (Tennyson School, Seaholme Road (Morning pick up only, return on Mablethorpe bus))
  • Theddlethorpe (Mablethorpe Road & Rotten Row junction)
  • Theddlethorpe St. Helens (Saltfleet Road)
Town/VillagePick-up PointDepart Time
SwabyConvenient place on the A16 (can be arranged)06:45
Ulceby CrossPetrol Station06:50
AlfordPolice Station – West Street & Tothby Lane corner06:55
AlfordWest Street & Chapel Street corner06:57
AlfordEast Street (opposite Spendluffe Avenue)06:58
BilsbyOpposite the Three Tuns Pub07:00
MumbyLong Lane & Mumby Road Junction A5207:07
HuttoftMain Road through village (village hall)07:12
Sutton on SeaSt Clements Church Bus Stop07:14
Sutton on SeaBus shelter near Spar shop07:16
Sutton on SeaTrusthorpe Road (Park Road bus station)07:20
Sutton on SeaBus shelter on Sutton Road (Opposite Sutton Springs Caravan Park)07:25
TheddlethorpeMablethorpe Road & Rotten Row junction07:34
Theddlethorpe St. HelensSaltfleet Road07:35

Arrive Grimsby Institute – 08:00

Barton Service

Calling at:

  • South Ferriby (Blacksmiths Bus Stop)
  • Barton (Bus/Train Station, Co-op)
  • Barrow (Market Place)
  • New Holland (Magna Carta Pub)
  • Goxhill (Goxhill Road, Thornton Road & Gatehouse Road Junction)
  • East Halton (Opposite Black Bull)
  • South Killingholme (Greengate Lane)
  • Immingham (County Hotel, Civic Centre, Sainsburys)
  • Return: Additional drop off locations – Healing / Stallingborough
Town/VillagePick-up PointDepart Time
South FerribyBlacksmiths Bus Stop07:24
BartonBus/train Station07:27
BarrowMarket Place07:40
New HollandMagna Carta Pub07:47
GoxhillGoxhill Road, Thornton Road & Gatehouse Road Junction07:51
East HaltonOpposite Black Bull07:57
South KillingholmeGreengate Lane08:05
ImminghamCounty Hotel08:11
ImminghamCivic Centre08:13

Arrive Grimsby Institute – 08:40

Brigg/Scunthorpe Service

Calling at:

  • Scunthorpe (Grange Lane, Ashby High Street Shops, Ashby Road/Brumby Corner, Oswald Road/Museum, Froddingham Road (Berkley St Jnc), Old Crosby, Morrisons Roundabout)
  • Broughton (War Memorial)
  • Scawby (Church Street)
  • Brigg (Cary Lane Bus Station)
  • Wrawby (Church),
  • Barnetby (Shops)
  • Kirmington (Croxton Road)
  • Ulceby (Old Post Office)
  • Ulceby Skitter
Town/VillagePick-up PointDepart Time
Leave Depot06:00
ScunthorpeGrange Lane07:00
ScunthorpeAshby High Street Shops07:03
ScunthorpeAshby Road/Brumby Corner07:06
ScunthorpeOswald Road/Museum07:08
ScunthorpeFrodingham Road (Berkley Street Junction)07:10
ScunthorpeOld Crosby07:12
ScunthorpeMorrisons Roundabout07:20
BroughtonWar Memorial07:30
ScawbyChurch Street07:35
BriggCary Lane Bus Station07:42
KirmingtonCroxton Road08:03
UlcebyOld Post Office08:10
Ulceby Skitter08:12

Arrive Grimsby Institute – 08:40

Mablethorpe Service

Calling at:

  • Mablethorpe (Junction Alford Road/Golf Road, Seacroft Road Bus Station (rear of Co-Op), Golf Road (Regent Rd Corner))
  • Maltby le Marsh (Main Road through village (Opposite Willow Park))
  • Strubby (St. Peter’s Lane)
  • Withern (Bus Stop Main Road through village)
  • Gayton le Marsh (Main Road & Tothill junction)
  • South Reston (Bus Stop Opposite Wagon & Horses Pub)
  • Legbourne (Main Road through village (Bus Stop Househams Lane))
  • Little Cawthorpe (Station Road (A157) Junction)
Town/VillagePick-up PointDepart Time
MablethorpeJunction Alford Road/Golf Road07:15
MablethorpeGolf Road (Regent Road Corner)07:20
MablethorpeSeacroft Road Bus Station (rear of Co-op)07:25
Maltby Le MarshMain Road through village (Opposite Willow Park)07:28
StrubbySt. Peter’s Lane07:32
WithernBus Stop Main Road through village07:35
Gayton Le MarshMain Road & Tothill junction07:38
South RestonBus Stop Opposite Wagon & Horses Pub07:42
LegbourneMain Road through village (Bus Stop Househams Lane)07:48
Little CawthorpeStation Road (A157) junction07:50

Arrive Grimsby Institute – 08:35

Manby Service

Calling at:

  • Fulstow (Cross Keys Pub)
  • Covenham St. Bartholemew (Mill House Pub)
  • Covenham St. Mary (Church)
  • Yarburgh (Village Hall),
  • Alvingham (Village Hall)
  • Grimoldby (Phone Box/Orchard Park Junction)
  • Manby (Tinkle Street – School Layby)
  • Saltfleeby (Shop, Church)
  • Saltfleet (Windmill Garage, Crown Inn)
  • North Somercotes (Trinity Methodist Church, Axe & Cleaver Pub)
  • Conisholme (Appleby’s Ices)
  • Grainthorpe (Mill Lane)
  • Marshchapel (Chapel Corner/Littlefield Lane Corner)
  • North Cotes (Church on Main Road through village)
  • Tetney Lock (The Wharf)
  • Tetney (North End Road Bus Stop)
Town/VillagePick-up PointDepart Time
FulstowCross Keys Pub06:53
Covenham St. BartholemewMill House Pub06:55
Covenham St. MaryChurch06:57
YarburghVillage Hall07:00
AlvinghamVillage Hall07:07
GrimoldbyPhone Box/Orchard Park Junction07:14
ManbyTinkle Street – School Layby07:20
SaltfleetWindmill Garage07:35
SaltfleetCrown Inn07:37
North SomercotesTrinity Methodist Church07:40
North SomercotesAxe & Cleaver pub07:43
ConisholmeAppleby’s Ices07:46
GrainthorpeMill Lane07:48
MarshchapelChapel corner/Littlefield Lane Corner07:53
North CoatesChurch on Main Road through village08:00
Tetney LockThe Wharf08:07
TetneyNorth End Road Bus Stop08:10

Arrive Grimsby Institute – 08:40

Market Rasen Service

Calling at:

  • Brookenby (York Road/Swinhope Road)
  • Binbrook (Market Place)
  • Ludford (Main road through village (Redhill Lane, Playing Field Lane, Old Barn court))
  • Market Rasen (HSBC Bank, Market Place)
  • Osgodby Lane End (A46 Main Road (Bus Stop))
  • Holton Le Moor (Trainline)
  • Nettleton (Salutation Inn)
  • Caistor (Bus Stop Nettleton Road, Market Place)
  • Keelby (Riby Road Bus Stop, junction with Caddle Road)
  • Stallingbrough (Roundabout Bus Shelter)
  • Healing (School Bus Stop)
Town/VillagePick-up PointDepart Time
BrookenbyYork Road/Swinhope Road06:55
BinbrookMarket Place07:00
LudfordMain road through village (Redhill Lane, Playing Field Lane, Old Barn court)07:06
Market RasenHSBC Bank, Market Place07:20
Osgodby Land EndA46 Main Road (Bus Stop)07:25
Holton Le MoorTrainline07:31
NettletonSalutation Inn07:32
CaistorBus Stop Nettleton Road07:38
CaistorMarket Place07:40
KeelbyRiby Road Bus Stop, junction with Caddle Road07:50
StallingboroughRoundabout Bus Shelter08:00
HealingSchool Bus Stop08:05

Arrive Grimsby Institute – 08:30 | All routes return at 17.15 from the Grimsby Institute | *Return on Barton coach

We’ve made it really easy for you to get to us. We run our own fleet of coaches and if you live in one of the following areas then you’ll be able to travel for FREE* to and from the Institute.

To reserve your place on the bus or for more information, please contact the information centre on: 0800 315002. If you cannot catch one of our own buses, don’t worry, we can still help you to get to the Institute through our Transport Bursary Scheme.

If you are 16–18 years old, you could save hundreds of pounds by using the scheme. To apply for the Bursary Scheme, please call 0800 315002 or email Learner Services at [email protected]. They will provide you with all the information you need and explain how you apply.

If you live in Lincolnshire, you can apply for subsidised travel with the Lincolnshire County Council Travel Pass.

If you can’t catch one of our coaches, and you live outside the Lincolnshire County Council Travel Pass catchment area, you may still be entitled to financial support for travel through the Institute’s Bursary Scheme. If you’re eligible for the Bursary, you may be entitled to help towards travel costs, depending on distance you have to travel. For further information, call 01472 311222 ext 434.

*FREE and subsidised transport is provided through the TEC Partnership and other government support.

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