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Current students and staff

Parents and Carers

We know as a parent or carer, you want to give your young person the best possible start to adult life by getting into the right education. We also know that helping your son or daughter make decisions on their future can be confusing for everyone, but don’t worry we can help.

Reasons to choose us


We are constantly improving and updating the facilities at our Nuns Corner Campus.

  • Many of our tutors have industry experience
  • Realistic working environment
  • Study using industry standard facilities and resources
  • £4m state-of-the-art Sports Centre
  • New £6m Grimsby School of Art


The Grimsby Institute is all about preparing learners for whatever the future may hold

  • Excellent links with local, national and international employers
  • Dedicated careers advisers to help learners on the way to career success
  • Industry recognised qualifications
  • Support and help in applying for jobs or university places


Our Learners' successes are something we are extremely proud of.

  • Learners go on to exciting careers and top universities
  • Many of our learners have been awarded national and international awards
  • We have trained hundreds of Apprentices who have gone on to have amazing careers
  • Many of our courses have 100% success rates
  • Partnerships with employers and community partners


It’s important you choose a course that’s right for the learner and we have hundreds of courses to choose from.

  • Courses from Entry Level right up to Level 3
  • Vocational qualifications, GCSEs, A-levels at Career6
  • A huge range of subjects from Animal Care to Fabrication & Welding
  • Full-time and Apprenticeships
  • Our courses can lead to jobs or university places


There's lots of financial support available to help learners whilst they study. Speak to our Learner Services Team to find out if you're eligible.

  • 16-19 Bursary Scheme to help with your studies
  • 16-19 Discretionary Learner Support Fund
  • Childcare support is available

Learner Life

At the Institute we are focused on making the learners' time with us the best it can be, whether it's sports events, educational visits or guest talks.

  • An exciting range of daily activities from cooking to sports
  • Subsidised bus pass scheme which is often FREE
  • Sports Academies

Hear From Our Tutors

What you can expect from us

  • High-quality tutors and teaching in up-to-date facilities with industry-standard resources
  • A personal link through a Progression Coach and Curriculum Manager
  • An opportunity to find out more about the study programme and Institute at the information evening for parents of new learners early in the Autumn term
  • Consultation opportunities with Progression Coaches to get honest information about how your young person is doing
  • A prompt response to any query or concern
  • Assurance that we will push all of our learners to achieve their best and challenge them to reach new heights
  • Contact from us should we become concerned about a young person’s attendance or progress, and reports to you on attendance and punctuality
  • An appointment with the Progression Coach and Curriculum Manager, if either you or we need to discuss an aspect of a young person’s progress
  • A range of opportunities to develop work-ready skills
  • Advice and guidance on the next steps in education, training or employment

What we expect from parents/carers

  • Taking an interest in your young persons work and progress
  • Acknowledging the workload involved and giving them encouragement
  • Reminding them of the need to do independent study at home or in our Learning Centres
  • Reminding them to give their studies priority over their social life and part-time job, especially as examinations and coursework deadlines approach
  • Knowing the timetable they are following and therefore when they should be attending, supporting their full and prompt attendance
  • Letting us know immediately if they are ill or unable to attend for any reasons not known to us
  • Attending Parents’ Consultation Evenings
  • Keeping us informed of anything that it would be useful for us to know in order to support them and help us meet their individual needs at any particular point in time to discuss an aspect of a young person’s progress.

How to Apply

It’s really important that learners apply as soon as they’ve chosen their course so we can get their name down for the right course.

Having said that – it’s never too late to apply and it’s important that learners make the right decision about their course and career.

Latest from our Parents & Carers Blog

Keep up-to-date with what’s going on at the Institute and get top tips on helping your learner achieve the best results they can.

Our friendly Learner Services Team are on hand to help and give advice to all our learners.

The team is made up of a number of specialist advisers who can offer support and guidance to all learners across a number of areas, including:


Advisers can help if you need more information about:

16-19 Bursary Scheme

Learners may need financial help during their time at the Institute and we have a Bursary Scheme to help those who need it most. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to help with things like travel expenses, course equipment and meals. In addition, free Institute meals may be available for 16-19 year olds who are (or whose parents are) in receipt of income related benefits.


Learner Mentors provide our learners with a wide range of activities through our Enjoy Programme and the Passport to Success programme. They can also offer advice with regards to pastoral matters including accommodation, finance and emotional support.


Our Careers Advisers are professionally qualified, and equipped to give independent careers advice and guidance. They can help learners choose the next step whether it’s further education, higher education, apprenticeships or employment. Whatever learners need, they’ll be sure to put you on the road to career success.


When learners join the Institute, they will be allocated a Progression Coach who will be responsible for working with them to ensure academic progress and welfare. The Progression Coach will be on hand to support, guide and advise during the learner’s time at the Institute. There will be regular meetings with the Coach so they can give the help your young person needs to achieve their goals. There will also be regular opportunities to discuss progress in one-to-one reviews and access any support that is needed.

Progression Coaches can also help learners from all backgrounds get to university. They are on hand offering support through the entire application process from choosing the right course to submitting a Student Finance application.


We have a dedicated Counsellor at the Institute and offer all learners access to a confidential counselling service, which covers all aspects of mental health and emotional well-being.


The Learning Support service is available to all learners, offering support and help with practical advice and support for physical disabilities and specified learning difficulties, such as:

  • ADD, AHD, Aspergers, medical conditions and mental health
  • Help to access specialist equipment for your course
  • Support in the classroom and in the wider college environment
  • Support for visual or hearing impairment (blind & deaf)

A learner may have needs that are not listed above, please contact us to discuss individual requirements. We are here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We have dedicated support tutors for all literacy and numeracy support who will provide:

  • literacy and numeracy support from entry level to GCSE
  • Support with assignment writing and vocational theory
  • Sessions on a one-to-one basis to meet your requirements


In the interest of all our learners we have a Safeguarding Team who are available to talk to if learners have any concerns, are unhappy, or even if they are worried about the welfare of a friend or fellow learner. They are here to help and can be approached easily. Learners can talk to one of the team about such things as bullying, accommodation problems, abuse (in any of its forms), self harm or whatever may be a concern.