BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance

UCAS Code: W315 Credit Level: 6 Credit Value: 360 Course Start Date: September Course Duration: 3 years full time
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About the BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance programme

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance programme (validated by the University of Hull) aims to develop students into successful contributing members of the local, national and international popular music industry. This is a fantastic course for anyone wanting to pursue a career in music. It covers both conventional music skills and related technology with an emphasis on creative applications including composition for a wide range of media, live performances through to computer-based song writing.

develop a portfolio including varied selections of performance and production opportunities with a view to increasing employability in a diverse and challenging sector be expected to become active musicians, contributing to the music scene from the very start of the course by taking part in real-world experience by managing our White Box Sessions be thrust into a busy life of rehearsals creating new, original, interesting and challenging work which demonstrates top-class skillstake advantage of a stock of hundreds of industry-standard microphones, instruments, back line, drum kits, PA systems and keyboards that complement our four professional rehearsal studios and large live theatre space

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