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Grimsby Institute selected to help form two new Institutes of Technology

Grimsby Institute selected to help form two new Institutes of Technology

Two local organisations have been chosen to work with the University of Lincoln to develop the Lincolnshire Institute of Technology (IoT).

The Grimsby Institute has been selected as lead FE partner for the new IoT, working with training provider CATCH in a “unique collaboration” to provide higher level technical skills.

In addition, Scarborough TEC, which also forms part of the TEC Partnership (formerly Grimsby Institute Group), has been chosen to work with engineering company ENGIE Fabricom and CATCH to form the Yorkshire and Humber IoT, led by York College.

Following more than 100 initial applications to operate IoTs, the 12 successful bids were announced by the Department of Education.

For its involvement in two of those bids, the TEC Partnership is expected to receive more than £4-million to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in the region.

This will enhance employment opportunities for the area’s young people, while also creating the next generation of highly-qualified workers for local employers.

Gill Alton OBE, Chief Executive of the Partnership, said the new IoT will be a “game changer” for the northern Lincolnshire and Humber region.

“We are delighted to have been selected to work with other education providers and employers across our region to develop two prestigious Institute of Technologies.

“This is a transformational opportunity for the region to develop programmes in conjunction with employers to meet the needs of industry both now and in the future. The investment by government will enable us to buy state of the art equipment and facilities. This is a game changer for the region.

“We are incredibly grateful to the University of Lincoln, York College and other partners for their support in the success of this bid and look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.”

The government has described the institutes as “unique collaborations” between universities, colleges and employers, specialising in delivering level 4 and 5 training in STEM subjects including digital, advanced manufacturing and engineering.

David Talbot, CEO at CATCH, said the employer-led membership, skills development and competency assurance organisation is “delighted” to be working with the Grimsby Institute and other partners.

“CATCH will bring a deep understanding of the needs of industry through its networking and stakeholder engagement activity.

“It also brings to the IoT its 10-acre site with first class workshops, classrooms and unique industry scale process plant for training in a safe and realistic operational environment.”

He added: ‘CATCH is delighted to support this bid for an Institute of Technology within the region. The IoT will be a beacon in the drive for employer ownership of the higher level skills in the region.

“CATCH will work closely with the University of Lincoln, partner colleges, other stakeholders and local employers in the region to drive forward the concept into a reality.”

Sam Dearing, Head of HR for ENGIE Fabricom UK commented: “I am thrilled that ENGIE Fabricom is part of this fantastic opportunity for the region. The IoT brings a welcome boost in investment towards developing the highly-skilled people that local industry will need to excel in the future.

“It is exciting to be involved from the very beginning of this skills revolution, partnering with esteemed local colleges, universities and training providers to provide significant opportunities for the next generation to excel in STEM subjects.”

The first institutes are expected to open from September 2019.