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Five Careers From Studying Hospitality & Catering

Are you a big Masterchef fan? Or do you love Jamie Oliver? Whichever you prefer, hospitality and catering combines the best of cooking and other industry jobs. This means that you will have the chance to train in the kitchen, front-of-house and many more.

At the Institute we have a variety of facilities – and areas to learn practically such as the Gallery Restaurant and Atrium Café – available to help train and develop learners through industry-standard kitchens, the latest equipment and working environments. Find out five careers you could get by studying Hospitality & Catering.

Chef or Product Development Chef

If you like the intense atmosphere of a professional kitchen, working towards becoming a head cook or chef is the ideal career for you. From restaurants to hotels to food service, there are a number of places where you can take this up and duties can include preparation, supervising cooks, planning menus, inspecting and ordering supplies and monitoring sanitation.

An alternative is to head into product development – and to some extent, private cooking. Doing this you will be looking at testing or developing recipes that work on all fronts; flavour, appearance and texture. You will be at the forefront of the industry and identifying trends.

Bar/Restaurant Manager

Through training, learners will be in a position to work in running a bar or restaurant at either assistant or manager level. The job growth in this service means there are a number of opportunities across not only the UK but throughout the world. It’s certainly not a 9-5 job but it is vibrant and fast-paced.

Duties include; recruiting and training staff, keeping up with legislation and taking responsibility for the premises, enforcing health and safety rules, managing staff and dealing with customers.

Concierge & Hotel Staff

Perfect if you’re chatty and like to help, being a concierge involves serving people throughout usually a hotel but also an apartment building. It’s important to be passionate and knowledgeable of the local area. Qualifications are not always needed for entry level but bigger companies will want to see learning that will help on the job.

Events Management

Whether it’s an engagement party, family event, fashion show, music festival or a wedding, planners are needed or a whole host of events each week. This requires interpersonal and communication skills along with a desire to put on a good show. Experience counts but you need the knowledge to build it from.

Baker or Butcher

When you train in industry standard kitchens, you get great experience but when that’s combined with placements, state of the art equipment, trips, guest speakers and professional teachers, you have the chance to learn across the board. This includes baking and butchery teaching.