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Creative learners collaborate on award-winning project

Creative learners have helped scoop a national award for best e-learning after collaborating on an innovative project.

Around 10 Level 3 learners from Creative Media Production and Performing Arts were involved in the development of the initiative, in partnership with Hull organisation Good 2 Learn.

Together, the group produced 30 online maths and English video tutorials for children aged between five and 11, with content written by qualified teachers and linked to national curriculum.

And they were delighted to learn they had won an inaugural NewTek Education Award for Best E-Learning Content 2018.

Media Curriculum Manager Tom Hughes said: “It was fantastic for our students to work with a business like this to develop a concept.

“They have gained invaluable industry experience of working with a client on an innovative project, which is brilliant for them.

“These are the first awards by NewTek so to win in any category is always an amazing achievement.

“We’ve had excellent input from the ICT team, coordinating the work experience all the way through to the point where working on the project became like a job.

“To receive recognition for that in the shape of this award shows it has paid off.”

Paul Mandalia, who founded Good 2 Learn, said his team have “really enjoyed” working with the Grimsby Institute.

“It’s been a pleasure cementing the relationship between the two organisations.

“This year, we’ve got media students working on projects with us and next year we’re in early discussions about providing placements over at our headquarters.

“The award is fantastic; we’re really pleased for everyone who has been involved in this project.

“Our aim is to reach out to families with young children and make a difference to their educational development and to know we got the ball rolling here with the Grimsby Institute is great.”

Good 2 Learn Education Coordinator Gary Hughes added: “The product is aimed more at parents, to reinforce and support the learning taking place in schools.

“The students have been tremendous. From the initial talk we gave, their enthusiasm has been great and really shone through in the videos.”

Describing her experience of the project, Performing Arts Level 3 learner Sommer Portas (18) said: “It was nerve-wracking at first because we didn’t know what to expect.

“They really helped ease our nerves though and gave us plenty of advice on how to improve, which really boosted our confidence.

“Overall it was a good experience and I feel I gained a lot of confidence and new skills from working with things like the green screen.”

Media Level 3 learner Lewis Howard (18) also commented: “To be able to take part in something like this in your first year at college was absolutely exceptional.

“We got a huge amount of hands-on experience, particularly on the TriCaster Studio, which was fantastic.”

Skills and Employability Trainers Vanessa Newbutt and Beckie Suddaby, who have been involved with the project from the start, said: “It’s been great to see it developing.

“They’ve really listened to the students’ feedback and wanted their input during filming, so it’s been evolving constantly.

“The students have really grown throughout the project and it’s really helped with their work ethic.”