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Celebrations for award-winning Hospitality learners

Celebrations for award-winning Hospitality learners

We’re delighted to reveal four Grimsby Institute Hospitality learners have picked up five awards at one of the UK’s largest and most prestigious chef competitions.

Fourteen learners from Hospitality Services and Professional Cookery took part in the Salon Culinaire contest, held alongside The Foodservice Show and The Professional Kitchen Show at Birmingham NEC.

Oliver Storrer won a silver medal for his butchery of a whole chicken, while his brother Ben gained bronze in the flan decoration category.

Also celebrating were Jack Harris, who won bronze for lemon sole filleting, and David Evans, who received merits for his avocado starter and flan decoration.

Jack, who said his “love for catering” convinced him to enrol on the course, dreams of opening his own bakery in New York after completing a Level 3 qualification.

“The Level 3 course gives you the opportunity to go to America, so I’d like to have the chance to see if I like it and whether it’s what I want to do.

“Taking part in Salon Culinaire was nerve-wracking but good. I was really chuffed to win a bronze.”

David also commented: “I want to be a chef because that’s what I enjoyed most at school. The opportunities you get at college give you a better chance of employment.

“I was a bit nervous during the competition but it was good to get it done, and think it’s given me some really good experience.”

Oliver, who won a silver, said he “did better than I thought”, while brother Ben also “expected to get less” than his bronze award.

“I’m really enjoying the course,” he added. “I’m hoping to do Level 3, then maybe try to find work in France.”

Tutor Chris Wood, who attended Salon Culinaire alongside the learners, said he was “extremely proud” of their achievements.

“What sets them apart is their focus on a particular task. They’ve taken on board the direction they’ve been given and practised and practised, to the point they’re competent at the skill required.

“They’re up against it in terms of the other colleges involved, from much larger cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, so this is fantastic recognition for the work we do.”

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