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Art student sees her design splashed across shopfront

Art student sees her design splashed across shopfront

An Art student will be seeing her design splashed across the front of a Cleethorpes shop after winning a competition to showcase her work.

Megan Lucking, who is studying Level 3 Art and Design, entered the contest to have her creation spray-painted onto the shutters of Emporium 53, based on Cambridge Street.

And the 18-year-old was “surprised but happy” to find she had won, after her fairy tale-themed drawing caught the eye of shop owners John and Trace Clay.

“I was really excited, and it makes me really happy to know people will be enjoying my design,” Megan said.

The design was painted on to the shutters this week by Lynsey Powles of Lyns Urban Arts, and will be visible during the shop’s closing hours.

Trace said the idea was to make the shop “stand out while shut”, adding: “We wanted people to be intrigued and to want to come back to find out what’s behind the shutters.”

The chocolatier, who runs The Chocolate Story, took over the shop with her husband in February, with the idea of showcasing the products of local artisan businesses.

“We wanted the winning design to express each individual artist that we have in the shop, and Megan has brought out all the quirkiness of each one.

“We also wanted to encourage other young artists to express themselves, because they wouldn’t normally get an opportunity like this.”