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Animal Care learners support charity at The Lincolnshire Show

Animal Care learners support charity at The Lincolnshire Show

Animal Care staff and learners are raising funds for the Animal Health Trust as they prepare to pitch a stall at The Lincolnshire Show next month.

Led by tutor Bryony Gillespie, learners are also hoping to raise awareness for the charity, which aims to fight disease and injury in animals by improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Bryony was inspired to help the organisation after the support it offered her miniature horses Rainy and Isabella when they suffered eye and gastrointestinal issues.

“I was so impressed with the Animal Health Trust’s work with Prince, my big horse, and the whole of the charity, I knew there was only one place to go,” she said.

“These girls are on a mission to help more animals like themselves benefit from pioneering treatment and fund new research for potential cures to end suffering.”

Bryony and her horses will be joining learners on the Animal Health Trust stand at The Lincolnshire Show on June 19th and 20th, which is sponsored by the Grimsby Institute.

Charlie Hunt, who is studying Level 2 at the college’s Nunsthorpe campus, said: “I have learnt a lot about how to treat and help a range of different animals, and will hopefully go to university to study a veterinarian course.

“Our tutor Bryony is very passionate about raising awareness and funds for the Animal Health Trust. She wanted to share her knowledge and educate us on breeding and genetics.

“The course has helped a lot as I have learned about different types of treatments and how much to give/apply to different types of animals. I have also learned how to take care and be calm around the animals.

“When our tutor came in and wanted help to raise money to help the Animal Health Trust I instantly wanted to help as I would love to help animals in the future.”

Level 1 learner Emma Moore also commented: “I decided to help the Animal Health Trust because I’m really fascinated about how to care for animals and who helps them.

“I’ve learned a lot since I’ve joined the course at college and from Bryony, who introduced me to the Animal Health Trust. She told me about what happened to one of her miniature horses called Rainy which I was really interested in. She told me about breeding which caused a problem with Rainy and was how she lost her eyesight.

“One of her eyes had to be removed to stop her from being in pain. Bryony explained that the Animal Health Trust helped diagnose Rainy’s problems that were caused by genetics.

“It has inspired me to help other animals so I would like to be a veterinary nurse when I have finished the Level 3 course.”

To support Bryony and her learners’ fundraising for the Animal Health Trust, visit: