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International Skills Partnership between the Grimsby Institute and the Arab Academy

International Skills Partnership between the Grimsby Institute and the Arab Academy

The Institute was delighted to welcome the delegation of six staff members from the Arab Academy from Alexandria, as part of a full partnership exchange to learn and share best practice between the partner institutions.

The visit to the UK was to learn about the Institute's approach to good teaching practice, quality assurance systems and practice in vocational and higher education (HE) teaching. This is a joint project, funded through the British Council and Egyptian Government to develop new collaborations that lead to mutual benefit for the partners, sharing best practice.

Over the two week visit, the team met and explored teacher training, Innovate and advanced methods of devising and delivering training using technology, as well as quality management, systems and of course, site courses and cultural visits. The Arab Academies interests are in driving up quality of provision in HE, with the aspiration to develop degree level engineering courses in the future, and this project forms part of that journey.

The team of 6 teachers spent their time, exploring the Grimsby Institute’s approach to planning, development, delivery and quality assurance of training. At the end of the trip, three members of the team were persuaded to be interviewed and the account of their visit aired on EstuaryTV, which is broadcast to 350,000 households in the Humber and Lincolnshire

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