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Higher Education Work Based and Learning Visits

Work based and learning visits take place to evaluate how you are performing, to identify and evaluate the opportunities being given, help with any problems, further information is listed below in more detail.

Why we do placement visits

  • To evaluate the way in which the student is performing in their placement.
  • To Identify and evaluate the opportunities being given to the students
  • To encourage the student if they are underperforming or have encountered any problems. The visit is the ideal opportunity for the student to review their performance and to be prompted to take action if progress is not satisfactory.
  • To negotiate on behalf of the student with the placement organisation if the expected opportunities are not being provided or if any other problems have occurred. Many students lack the confidence to embark on such negotiations without back-up from the university and the visit offers a good opportunity for the placement organisation to assess how they are dealing with the student.
  • To ensure that the student does not feel isolated on placement and make them feel they are still a part of the university.
  • To ensure that the institute is exercising its duty of care by seeing that the student is working in a safe environment and has been given all necessary health and safety training and information.
  • To negotiate with the placement organisation for further students to be placed in subsequent years.

Placement hours must be complete by the end of the programme and students must have had visits in order to complete not only the module but the Foundation Degree, therefore it is imperative that students keep up to date with this and communicate with the Placement Co-ordinators.


When do the visits take place?

The first visit within the first few weeks of placement, the second visit should take place around 6-8 weeks before the end of the placement.

What does the visiting tutor do?

Contact the student early in the placement to arrange the first visit once information has been received from the student and the placement has been authorised, i.e Authorisation Form. The aim is to identify if the student is settled in the organisation and how the student will develop during the placement. The placement officer will see you and your mentor (who will have been allocated, who also must hold a suitable position in the organisation to mentor you). The visit will also identify the Learning Outcomes that need to be achieved during placement.

Linda Lobendhan – Practice Placement Coordinator

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Gemma Chittock – Practice Placement Officer

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Danielle Kelly – Practice Placement Officer

Telephone Number: 01472 31122 Extension 1123

Alice Judge – Practice Placement Officer

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