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Higher Education Quality and Standards Home

Table of Contents for Higher Education Quality and Standards Home Should further information be required please do not hesitate to contact us. Department Contact: Quality and Standards – Higher Education Room 3H06 University Centre Telephone 01472 311222 ext. 1411

HE06 Exam Boards and External Examiners

HE07 Admissions, Admissions Appeals and Accreditation of Prior Learning

HE08 Retention and Engagement of Students in Study

HE09 Assessment of Students

HE10 Mitigating Circumstances and Short Extensions

HE11 Academic Misconduct

HE12 Fitness to Study

HE13 Fitness to Practice

HE14 Ethics

HE15 Intellectual Property Rights

HE16 Academic Appeals

HE17 Work Based Learning ‘pre September 2019

HE17 Management of Placement Learning in Higher Education

HE18 Student Protection Plan

HE19 Access and Participation plan

HE20 Complaints

Hull Regulations

Teesside Regulations

Student Information and Support

The Quality Assurance & Teaching section in our Higher Education Quality handbook provides information and guidance on the HE Observation of Teaching and Learning process. These guidelines are intended to act as a mechanism in which to better understand the robust approach taken within the Institute with regards to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in higher education. Through a process of observing tutors in practice, the Institute is better equipped to govern the quality of the student experience, support tutors in delivering high quality, innovative teaching and learning and promote continuous improvement across its faculties.

The HE Teaching, Learning and Scholarship Committee terms of reference and minutes of previous meetings are also included. The Committee provides direction for teaching, learning and scholarship activities, acting as a proactive and operational body for enhancing teaching, learning and scholarship matters, including quality enhancement and sharing of good practice.