The Travel and Tourism course gives you the chance to travel while you work and see the world! It is true that the travelling really starts right here on the
course with a five-day residential trip, day trips to London, York Dungeons and the Manchester Trafford Centre.

You’ll get to learn about the industry, covering everything from customer service, marketing and event planning to leisure and tourism. The classroom has an aeroplane model that you get to use to carry out full flight procedures, from serving from the trolley to the safety drill, equipped with all the gear that a usual demonstration would have.

Our aeroplane and airport check in facilities as well as the travel agents desk at the Nuns Corner Campus will give you the opportunity to train in realistic surroundings for the travel industry.

Travel and Tourism Courses

  • Level 2 NCFE First Certificate in Travel and Tourism
  • Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism

What's Next?

UCAS points are available upon successful completion of level 3. If you do decide to carry on with your studies you could take a foundation degree at the University Centre Grimsby in Events Management, Sport and Recreation Management or Tourism Management then top up to a BA in Business Management. An apprenticeship could also be an option if you are thinking of going straight into work.

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