FdSc Community Mental Health

UCAS Code: GRIMC G80 B7Y8 Credit Level: 5 Credit Value: 240 Course Start Date: September Course Duration: 2 years full time
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The FdSc Community Mental Health programme will prepare you to be one of these essential service providers giving you a broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of key aspects of mental health. These include mental health promotion, advocacy, law, policy and practice,as well as a high degree of application to practice, supporting a pathway for lifelong learning and the opportunity to progress to other qualifications to further your career.
Over a four UK adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year and one in six experiences this at any given time. As such, health and social care services must ensure that they develop and employ staff best placed to meet the needs of such a significant number of people.
With figures rising to a third of the population within the UK, the management of mental health and illness is becoming critically in demand as a career. The FdSc Community Mental Health programme offers you an opportunity to study a broad subject range of contemporary mental health specifically within community based sectors. Delivered over 2 years and through a range of learning contexts from experienced professionals, you will engage with content surrounding key psychological approaches, development through lifespan, interventions, legislation and sociological concepts.

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