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UCAS Code: W640 Credit Level: 5 Credit Value: 240 Course Start Date: September Course Duration: 2 Years Full Time
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About the FdA Photography programme

Photography is an exciting, historically important and culturally significant medium. Our FdA Photography programme is designed to appeal to anyone with an enthusiasm for photography. The course aims to balance study of commercial photography with an exploration of the broader importance of photography in documenting the world around us – and its significance as a form of personal expression – in non-commercial genres such as documentary, fine art or street photography.

The course thus balances a consideration of the commercial potential of photography with the important role photography plays as a means of personal and cultural expression. Whilst the commercial element within photographic practice is undeniably important, the medium’s potential to document and explore society, and to allow individuals to express themselves creatively, is equally important – and since its origins, the history of photography has been dominated by this tension between the industrial / commercial and corporate application of photographic practice and extension of photographic practice by vernacular, documentary and fine art forms and practitioners. The degree will provide you with experience of working in commercial genres such as advertising and industrial photography, whilst also giving you the opportunity to explore the worlds of fine art, street and documentary photography. In addition, you will have the opportunity of studying the history of photography, and examining the work of important and contemporary photographers.

The degree is welcoming to people from all backgrounds, both traditional progressors and those returning to education as mature students. Entrants onto our degree level photography provision have in the past come from many different backgrounds: you may simply be an enthusiastic amateur, or you may already work as a photographer. However, regardless of your background, whether you are intending on pursuing a career within commercial photography, establishing your own business or seeking work as a freelancer, our course aims to build on your enthusiasm for the subject, giving you confidence in your abilities whilst providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice or study photography at a higher level.

During your time on the course, you will be given the opportunity of working with both analogue (film-based) and digital formats, and you will be able to practise using our equipment – including our studio and darkroom facilities. During your second year, you will be asked to design, plan and produce your own extended independent project, which you will self-publish, giving you something which can be used to help market yourself as a photographer upon completing the degree.

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