CMI Level 5 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership

Course Start Date: September Course Duration: 1 year part time

Your Programme

About the CMI Level 5 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership programme

The new Level 5 qualifications are aimed at practicing or aspiring managers and leaders who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner. The primary role of a practicing or aspiring manager and leader is to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver aims and objectives in line with organisational strategy. Providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities required for managers, the Award will develop the skills required for this level of responsibility.

The Certificate provides a broader knowledge of skills to help your learners to become more effective in specific management areas, with increased focus on the areas that are most appropriate to their role and organisation.

The Diploma gives your learners a fully comprehensive bank of skills and knowledge required to be a manager as part of an organisation, as well as the ability to apply their learning in the context of another organisation or industry sector. It will also take them a step towards Chartered Manager status.

Entry Requirements

CMI does not specify entry requirements for these qualifications, but Centres are required to ensure that Learners admitted to the programme have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment.

CMI Centres must ensure Learners are recruited with integrity onto appropriate qualifications that will:

  • meet their needs
  • enable and facilitate learning and achievement
  • enable progression

What you will learn

Award – Unit 501 Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context

Certificate – Unit 501 Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context and another.

Diploma – Learners must complete a combination to a minimum of 370 tuition hours to achieve this qualification, including Unit 501 Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context.

Learning & Teaching Methods

This course is primarily designed for face to face learning with you attending your lessons for the specified hours within the validation document. However, there may be periods of study where the government advises TEC Partnership that it is not safe to open campuses or there is limited access due to social distancing measures. If the campus is closed TEC Partnership will deliver your sessions online and offer you the necessary support and resources remotely. If there is limited access due to social distancing measures a blended model will be adopted with some lessons happening in small groups and others happening using online sessions and support. We will make decisions on the delivery hours for each programme as government advice becomes clearer. We are currently reviewing this programme and some elements of the published programmes may need to change in order for students to achieve. We will advise you of these changes once they are completed.

The programme has elements of distance learning and class contact with tutorial support.

Programme Benefits

As soon as you start your CMI Management qualification, you’ll acquire useful, valuable and essential knowledge and skills that can be put into practise straight away in your management role. You will also be developing new skills to add to the ones you already have!

Completing a CMI qualification means that you’ll not only have experience in being a manager, but you’ll also have an accredited qualification which will benefit you and future employers.

The key components of management and leadership styles are attitudes and behaviours, including: what a manager says; how they say it; the example they set; their body language; and their general conduct and demeanour. By studying a CMI qualification you’ll be able to learn more about what kind of management style works for you and your team.

We offer up to two years support, allowing you to have complete flexibility in your studies – even if you choose to pause your qualification at any point. Being a CMI accredited study centre, means we tailor our teaching and support to match the learning outcomes based on the syllabus guides for each CMI course.

What next?

Progression within level 5 suite, Level 7 Award/Certificate/Diploma