BA (Hons) Independent Game Design (Game Art)

UCAS Code: I621 Credit Level: 6 Credit Value: 360 Course Start Date: September Course Duration: 3 years full time
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About the BA (Hons) Independent Game Design (Game Art) programme

The BA (Hons) Independent Game Design (Game Art) course (validated by the University of Hull) is aimed at anyone who has a passion and drive for making finished, publishable visual assets that populate video games. Prior experience of Game Development is not a prerequisite, but some experience with modern game engines such as Unity and Unreal will be beneficial. Art packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator and 3D software packages such as 3DS Max, Maya and Cinema 4D are also not a requirement, but a willingness to invest oneself in the creative process of game development is a necessity.

The degree is structured to offer two distinct, yet complimentary pathways – Games Art and Games Development – designed to maximise students’ potential employability while allowing them to play to their strengths. It also allows for natural cross-fertilisation between the two, allowing students to build up mutual networks and awareness of each other’s roles.

The Games Art pathway will focus on developing learner’s digital and practical art skills for game design and development.

The video game industry and the creation and distribution of video games have changed beyond all recognition in the past five years. No longer is the route to employment solely through the behemoths that publish AAA games, costing millions to make and bring to market. With the viability of game creation tools now available to all through free licences for Unity, Unreal and others, there has not been a time since the inception of bedroom coders over thirty years ago where it has been easier to get into the industry.

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