BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance programme (validated by the University of Hull) aims to develop students into successful contributing members of the local, national and international popular music industry. This is a fantastic course for anyone wanting to pursue a career in music. It covers both conventional music skills and related technology with an emphasis on creative applications including composition for a wide range of media, live performances through to computer-based song writing.

develop a portfolio including varied selections of performance and production opportunities with a view to increasing employability in a diverse and challenging sector be expected to become active musicians, contributing to the music scene from the very start of the course by taking part in real-world experience by managing our White Box Sessions be thrust into a busy life of rehearsals creating new, original, interesting and challenging work which demonstrates top-class skillstake advantage of a stock of hundreds of industry-standard microphones, instruments, back line, drum kits, PA systems and keyboards that complement our four professional rehearsal studios and large live theatre space

Entry Requirements

80 UCAS points (UCAS 2017 tariff). This equates to MMP or above at BTEC National Diploma, CCD at A-Level, or Merit on the Diploma Foundation Studies (Art, Design and Media). Students are also required to hold English & Maths GCSE (or equivalent) grade C or above.

Students with no traditional entry qualifications will be considered on an individual basis by completing a short essay and informal audition and/or showcase of production work to date.

Learning & Teaching Methods

Students will need to attend university two days a week. They will also need time for self-directed study and assessment completion, which can be done at home or at university to suit individuals’ commitments and preferences.

Programme Benefits

The course will equip students with the knowledge to understand and be able to apply theoretical and contextual concepts, through deconstruction and critical analysis of own practice, to ‘real world’ scenarios in a competitive and fast-paced entertainment sector.

Our students will develop the necessary skills to read and compose music in a creative way and allow students to access and confidently operate in individual and group studio recording sessions.Our course aims to provide students the opportunity for the practise of music and performance with industry-standard equipment in individual and group rehearsal environments.

Students will develop and understanding of the music industry and opportunities for employment as a musician or producer and to develop in students the ability to apply research and inquiry skills to explore related topics in depth.

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