In a world where image and reputation are crucial to business success, those who can demonstrate sound business management knowledge with an emphasis on marketing are very much in demand.

A specialism in marketing will open many doors for you in your career, as it is an integral activity for most organisations. In a world where image and reputation are crucial to business success, those who can demonstrate sound business management knowledge with an emphasis on marketing are very much in demand.
The course will provide you with the opportunity to develop marketing and business skills, and key transferable skills, all of which will help you stand out when it comes to securing employment. In addition, you will gain an insight into digital business exploring how technology has remodelled the business world and reflect on the accompanying issues around social responsibility and ethical behaviour.
Your course will foster your intellectual and ethical development and encourage your personal commitment to the socially useful purpose of becoming a business professional.

Entry Requirements

Applicants require a minimum of 80 UCAS points. Students are also required to hold English & Maths GCSE (or equivalent) grade 4 or above.

Applicants with no traditional entry qualifications will be interviewed, set an appropriate piece of work and a judgement made taking into account their academic potential and relevant experience.

Those students wishing to enter through advanced standing may do so through the APCL and APEL process.

Learning & Teaching Methods

Methods of learning and teaching are designed to support students in becoming active members of a learning community. Students will be expected to work together in an informal environment as well as in formal classes where a culture of dignity, courtesy and mutual respect with staff and their peers is essential. A variety of methods will be used such as:

Interactive Lectures

Lectures to enable content delivery of key techniques in communication, data gathering, research methods and data processing/analysis. To enable the tutor to provide initial illustrative demonstration in these fields. Interactive for students to raise pertinent questions in real time – and for tutors to check learning on very particular elements through questioning in real time.

Seminar Activities

For students to demonstrate and for tutors to check learning in the fields of communication technique development, intrinsic study skills, e.g. note-taking/summarising and analysis of given business data including qualitative/textual.

For students to comparatively discuss and establish fit for purpose data collection methods in given research contexts. For students to develop both prepared and ad hoc verbal and non-verbal communications.


For students to work on – and for tutors to review – developing academic and professional communication skills, and practice when appropriate data processing techniques (including quantitative) with the use of Information Technology

Students benefit from small group sizes and high levels of support and access to staff.

Programme Benefits

Whilst studying on this programme you will attain:

Deep understanding and knowledge of the main functional areas of business and management and the relationships between these and their application in the changing external environment;

Identification and demonstration of a range of business knowledge, skills and attributes in a range of diverse and relevant subject areas;

Enhancement of lifelong learning skills and personal development, management of self-appropriate to higher education and ‘management’ in its broadest sense;

Development of enterprise and employability skills.

Develop an enhanced capacity to develop their own perspectives to the subjects of business and management, be able to work proactively and independently, deal with uncertainty and complexity, explore alternative solutions, problem solve and demonstrate critical evaluation to integrate theory and practice in a wide range of situations.

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