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Research at FRPERC

FRPERC is continually involved in research projects, either undertaking the research itself, managing research projects or putting together new proposals and creating teams for future research projects. FRPERC research projects are funded in many ways and can be valued at thousands, or hundreds of thousands of pounds. Whatever the project size, FRPERC team members approach the challenge with a diversity of skills and enthusiasm unique to our group. We are always seeking partners to take part in research projects and are happy to collaborate with other organisations to carry out any necessary research.

Types of research

FRPERC takes part in collaborative, directly funded and confidential research.

Collaborative research

FRPERC frequently collaborates with one or more groups from industry and other academic or research based institutions to complete research projects. This is an excellent way of undertaking research and is actively encouraged by government funding bodies such as DEFRA and the EC. Collaborative projects can ensure that the research being conducted remains relevant and useful to the industry for which it is intended. Examples of funding for collaborative projects are LINK based schemes (see the Defra website), The Carbon Trust (see the Carbon Trust website), European Union Craft projects and other European Union projects (see the Cordis website) these projects are solely university and research centre based.

Directly funded research

FRPERC can work directly for funding bodies or companies without any other partners. These projects tend to be more specific, innovative, or pure science based than collaborative research. UK government funding bodies that may fund such work include BBSRC (see the BBSRC website), and EPSRC (see the EPSRC website).

Consultancy and confidential research

FRPERC can also carry out research for companies that wish some research to be carried out on their behalf, including confidential work, where they do not want to share the findings with other partners or potential competitors. For more information, see the consultancy section.

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