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DEFRA Refrigeration Models

The DEFRA Refrigeration Energy project has produced numerous publications and reports, many of which are downloadable from the site.

In addition, four successful dissemination events have been held where project results and allied information have been communicated. These sessions, each focused on a different aspect of the project, have produced lively debate and much positive feedback from the attendees. The presentations made at the seminars are available below.

An important part of this project has been to develop tools to simulate temperature profiles in foods stored in temperature-controlled spaces with various refrigeration systems and under different operating regimes.

The VCR (vapour compression refrigeration) model combines simulations of all aspects of the entire food-refrigeration system including the interactions of the individual refrigeration system components, cold space fabric and construction, weather, thermal behaviours of the specific food, loading and unloading regimes, etc. The user specifies a current or proposed food-refrigeration system using the various data input screens and then the simulation can calculate thermal effects, component performance, expected energy use and carbon production amongst other parameters. The calculations are non-steady state and thus time-dependent effects, such as the variation in outdoor dry bulb temperature, are accommodated.

Two versions of the VCR model are available.

Version 1: with detailed food model

Version 1 is a .zip containing 2 files. VCRversion1.exe is the main model file and foodht3v5.dll is the driver required to run the food model section. The .dll must be placed in the same directory as the .exe.


Version 2: with embedded food model


Introduction and operating instructions

Download the VCR Model User Guide

Please note that the software uses the UK conventions, and a dot (.) to indicate the decimal place. Users in other countries may need to make adjustments to their machine settings to set the run-time language of the computer to UK English and change the decimal point indicator from a comma (,) to dot (.). The video made by one of our users explains more.

Optional text files

Download the VCR Optional text files

These files are optional, but may be useful to give default starting setups, inputs and outputs. If used they must be placed into the same folder as the model(s).

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