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Higher Education Equivalent Level Qualifications (ELQ)

If you are a UK or EU applicant thinking about studying for a second degree or a qualification equivalent to or lower than your current higher education qualification we will regrettably have to charge you higher feesĀ (the same as most universities and other higher education Institutions).

This is because the Government is no longer providing funding for students with equivalent level qualifications (ELQ).

Financial support for the course may also be affected by your current qualification, so we would advise you to speak with the HE Admissions & Administration Office for further information about available funding.

Equivalent Level Qualification Exemptions

Students applying to higher education may be exempt from ELQ status if studying on particular programmes for example Foundation Degrees. This may be subject to change, applicants should enquire of their own status before enrolling on a programme of study.

If you are in receipt of a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) because you have a disability or specific learning difficulty then you will be exempt from the ELQ policy and you will be treated the same as other undergraduate students.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have please contact the Higher Education Admissions and Administration Office on 0800 328 3631.