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Where words fail, music speaks.
Hans Christian Andersen
Music courses at the Grimsby Institute


Rockschool Music isn’t just a vocation, it is a passion which you will have full reign to explore in our state-of-the-art facilities. Music workshops, live performances and Q&A sessions with successful musicians will give you an insight into the industry. Visits to Westend musicals, BBC Broadcasting House and the World Skills showcase in Birmingham will put you at the heart of the music scene.

The course explores all aspects of the industry from performance techniques, music technology, composition and industry studies. Live performance, digital production and recording are at the core of what you do, as well as sound mixing and music promotion. Theoretical aspects covered include application of harmony, understanding musical influences and the development of musical instruments.

Whether you aspire to be centre stage, or are looking to work behind the scenes, this course will equip you with necessary skills to succeed in this fascinating and thriving industry.

What Next?

UCAS points are available upon completion of a Level 3 course, so if you want to continue your studies in Music, you can specialise in a specific area of music at one of many universities across the UK. Alternatively, here at the University Centre Grimsby we offer a BA (Hons) Creative Music degree that teaches you everything you need to know for both performance and production giving you the option to diversify your career.
  • Musician
  • Community Music Worker
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Sound Engineer
  • Music Promotion
  • Studio Engineer


This course includes work in performance, technology, composition and the music industry. Learners will perform live, produce digital recordings, and learn about music promotion as well as sound mixing.
Theoretical aspects include the application of harmony, understanding musical influences and the development of musical instruments and our learners are encouraged to take part in live performances. The Entry Level and Level 1 course in Creative Arts covers a broad range of areas including Music, Media, Performing Arts and Art and Design and will provide progression on to Level 2 in any of these subjects.


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Kate Cheung
Kate Cheung
Level 2 Music learner and Pianist, Kate Cheung, is part of the band Abandoned. She said: “After leaving Humberston Academy I knew I wanted to study music. The music course and facilities here are really good. I’ve been playing the piano since I was seven but I’m still a little nervous and excited about performing with the band.

“I’m going to be studying the Level 3 next and then I want to go on to University to study Music and hopefully one day work as a Music Producer.”

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